What Kind Of Music Do You Play?

A frequent question I get from people who have not heard me perform is 'What kind of music do you play?'  I am always challenged by this question as there is no simple answer.  I also find the question to be kind of limiting.  How do you describe what you do in 20 words or less? I have a wide variety of musical styles and genres that I have interest in and am always challenged to try out these styles when performing and composing.

If you listening to me performing as a solo artist - the answer to the question is simpler -  I play in a singer-songwriter style that borders on alt-country, pop, and balladeer.  This is the kind of music I can pull off with a single guitar and voice. 

If you are listening to my recorded music the answer is more complex. I play music that is soft or loud, fast or slow, two-chord simple or multi-time and key signature complex, alt-country or rock or pop or metal or singer-songwriter or chill, guitar or keyboard based, with or without vocals. 

So, the answer to the question 'What kind of music do you play' is ultimately:  I play what's in my head and my heart and my hands and that can be different each time I sit down to compose or perform.

How about you?

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