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I will be performing songs from my recent release 'An Echo Of Silence'. This thematic compilation tells the story of a young mother who has been sent to away to give birth to a child she was forced to relinquish to adoption. Themes in the songs address her fears, anger, depression and despondency. The songs also explore the emotions of her relinquished son who makes attempts to find her through the years, exploring themes of depersonalization, identity, and determination.

This is a CD release show for An Echo Of Silence, a thematic compilation of 16 songs exploring the anguish and challenges of a young woman and the child she was forced to relinquish to adoption. The songs trace the days, months, and years as she and the son she lost experience the trauma of that decision. These emotions are explored through songs about isolation, anger, guilt, depression, determination, depersonalization and ultimately joy when reunification occurs.