Jon R Garey


Jon R Garey is a singer-songwriter who creates introspective ballads, pop-folk and pop-rock songs with a vocal style often being compared to James Taylor and Cat Stevens and others from the early 70's singer/songwriter movement.  Jon plays at an array of small venues, radio shows, live streams, and private events in the Northeast Ohio area.

Growing up in a house where there was always singing and music being played on the radio or stereo, it seemed inevitable that music would continue to be an important part of the expression and wonder at the joys and sadnesses of life.  Over the years Jon developed an appreciation for music that acts as a vehicle for stories, emotion, and movement in voice, melodies, and harmony.

Now, frequently waking in the early hours of the day before the sun rises with a song snippet in his head, you can often find Jon in the darkened confines of his home studio working on a new idea or refining new tracks for an upcoming release.  His discography consists of seven releases: Vacation Days (2018), Progenitor (2019), Ours To Keep Forever (2020), Just You And Me (2021), An Echo Of Silence (2022) and Can't Find The Words (2023), a collection of instrumentals, and With Each Day (2024).

Live performances includes original material in multiple genres including folk, rock, bluegrass, R&B and ballads.  Covers include music from the 60's and beyond.