Hardland: These Friends Are Electric

Sometimes when a song catches your ear you just gotta explore more.  When I first heard Netherlandic rockers Hardland's cover of Gary Numan's Are Friends Electric I had to explore more.  Featuring the work of friends Aeilko Venema & Paul Evers who describe their work as alternative melodic rock, this guitar-driven anthemic rock song had me bobbing my head and tapping my toe from the first time I listened.  Looking further into the band's work I found an interesting blend of 80's style turn-up-the-radio-and-play-it-loud rock mixed with some softer acoustic songs featuring great harmonies and some surprising synth intros.  Music from around the world makes the world go round.

Find Hardland at https://www.hardland.net/ 

Listen to these essential four to complete your day: 

Until The Night Is Through 
The Only Answer 
Dazzled By The Presence Of Love 
Love Love Love