Lucy, Raquel and Me: Mixing It Up

What happens when you take the descriptive lyrics of Lucy Prasad (Canberra, Australia), mix in the brilliant compositions of Philippe Perelman (Paris, France) and bake it with the expressive vocals Raquel Roberts (Los Angeles, California)?  You get a delicious stew of musical inventiveness. Described on their website as three talents on three continents who have never met, you are invited to meet Lucy, Raquel and Philippe through their music.  When you do you will meet an international mixture of musical styles and genres that will keep you guessing about what comes next. The next song hear may be some diverse inspired form of rock or pop, show tunes or bossa nova, folk or country.  Whatever it is, it will be delightful.  

Find Lucy, Raquel, and Me at  

Listen to these essential four to capture the flavor of their work: 

Millions Out There 
On A Day Like This 
What Will I Say 
Like A Dice In Your Game