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Awaiting Us All

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The grey sandstone walls
Box me in like a shell
And it's been oh so long
Since I heard the final bell
Too late to save myself
It's too late to save myself

A figure in black
Is just a faceless man
And if it's possible
I'll do what I can
But I can do nothing
No I can do nothing

My friend comes when least expected
He's the man with no face
He's come to claim your soul
He's going to end your race

My arms they won't move
As though they're filled with lead
And my heart it has stopped
As though I was dead
Hey people I'm alive
Yeah people I'm alive

As they lay in the box
I feel so stiff
And I still don't understand
Why he threw me off the cliff
The man with no face
The man with no face
The man with no face