1. Born Again

From the recording Progenitor

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Born Again

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It seems familiar
It seems similar
It's all the same
It's not a game
I've been here before

Mesmerized I tell the truth
Being here living again
Don't tell me it's really true
It can't be it's just not sane

I've been hypnotized
I've been scandalized
It's all a hell
My soul to sell
I've been here before

Where're you taking me
Right there can't you see
Right there beyond
It can't be gone
I've been here before

That's the rock I remember
That's the one they killed me with
Long ago that's when it was
I lie there buried underneath

I can't be weeping
I must be sleeping
Tears in my eyes
Remembering goodbyes
I've been here before
I've been here before
I've been here before