1. The Title Cut

From the recording Ours To Keep Forever

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The Title Cut

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The Title Cut

I'm writing this song to fill my time
Don't cost me a thing - not even a dime
I'm just waiting for you to come home to me
It's my title cut for you to see

The title cut from the album of the same name
Not that it's really like this - it's just a short game
The best of the rest from the first of the year
No need to be afraid there's nothing to fear

If you spend your money on songs such as this
You're a sad case honey you've spilled your dish
But I still want to thank you for giving the time
It's people like you that help make it sublime

This song is not supposed to make any sense
It's just filler - I'm not really this dense
So if you wish you can skip this song
Nothing is right but can be no wrong
And even if you want you can also sing along