What Kind Of Music Do You Play?

A frequent question I get from people who have not heard me perform is 'What kind of music do you play?'  I am always challenged by this question as there is no simple answer.  I also find the question to…

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I Miss Live Performance

I miss live performance.  I see/hear many artists making their best attempts of using social media and live streaming to get their music out in front of others.  But frankly it's just not the same. The feedback loop that occurs…

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Memories of Rush/Neil Peart

It is with great sadness that I honor the passing of Neil Peart this past week.  After the Beatles, Rush is the reason I wanted to play guitar.  I had the opportunity to see them several times over the years…

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Happy New Year

I am looking forward to 2020, performing at a number of new venues, debuting new songs, and meeting new people.  Thanks for sharing my music with me!